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    To put it simply, I just couldn’t find the brand out there that I was looking for…

    I wanted to find a brand that was not only heavily inspired by the tattoo culture and lifestyle, but that also continually learned from and respected it. A brand that gave a damn about their quality, understood the importance of consistency and one that I could wear for any occasion or day of the week.

    I was also frustrated that many of my favourite artists just didn’t make their own merchandise, so I decided it was time to bridge that gap!

    I started by saving everything that I could for the next 6 months while trying to figure out how to actually start a “brand”. For the record, I still don’t know how to do it; I've always just done what I felt was right at every step.

    How did Few and Far Collective start Photo by Melissa Findley


    “Stay true, but don’t stay put.”

    Keep inspired, stay happy and push boundaries all while staying true to our core values and motive for starting Few and Far Collective in the first place.
    And of course, to continue to enjoy the damn ride!


    The dream is quite simple; to never stop.

    We live, love and breathe what we do and never want it any other way. Although we get little sleep, we always dream big!

    Right now, we have our eyes on the prize and are vigorously working towards securing our own larger studio. One that will not only give us some room to move (we desperately need it) but also has the potential to evolve with our future plans, where we can work with more like-minded go-getters and achieve our dreams.

    Ultimately we want to bring as much of the manufacturing and production as possible in-house, while continuing to outsource everything else to the highest standard that we can.

    One day we WILL open our very own brick and mortar store, too :)


    Few and Far Collective

    We know there are no shortcuts and we don’t want them.

    We know near enough isn't good enough. We're never content and ALWAYS HUNGRY.

    That said, we know our true strengths lie within our passion, authenticity, dedication, our meticulous attention to detail and our "if we can't do it, it can't be done" attitude. We believe possessing these attributes allow us to not only work together to think bigger but also reach further and exceed all expectations.

    Another key factor, and one that I'm incredibly proud, honoured and humbled to share is that Few and Far Collective is no longer the 1 person passion project that it began as – we are now 4 people strong.


    Few and Far Collective Reap What You Sow Snapback

    Few and Far Studio is a creative studio specialising in design + branding, laser cutting + engraving + in-house fine art printing..

    Thanks to countless late nights, researching, trialling and fine-tuning we now have the skills, knowledge and experience in place that allow us to confidently offer these services to the public worldwide.

    Still run by us, still independent, still pushing the envelope and delivering top shelf goods.



    I launched our first collection at 7pm AEST October 1st, 2013. I feel like I launched myself as a true artist that same night. My name is Steen Jones and I am an artist, designer, dreamer, believer and achiever based in Queensland, Australia. I started Few and Far Collective.

    It was here I broke down the walls of self doubt, proved to myself that I could do whatever I set my sights on, and with the help of the overwhelming support that we received at that time, I finally had the confidence I needed to pursue my lifelong dream and try my best to make it a reality…

    To find and create an organic way to fuse my passions and love of creating, collaborating and collecting (literally everything) with my love and curiosity of travel, adventure and living life to the fullest.

    Thank you so much for your time and stopping by – it means the world.

    “Everyday is a new day to change your life”